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I'm Carrie, the metalsmith behind Two Carrots Studio.  I would like to take a moment to introduce myself, and let you know a little bit about what makes me tick. Thanks for stopping by! 




I am a metalsmith, artist, gardener and creative soul. I say metalsmithing rather than silversmithing, because they are quite different! True silversmithing is all about making vessels and utensil pieces, not jewelry. Goldsmithing techniques are used for jewelry making, whether the medium is gold, silver, platinum, copper. 


What I do is closer to goldsmithing, but because I work in silver, copper, bronze, aluminum, brass and a little bit of gold, I feel that metalsmithing is a more appropriate title! I don’t just make jewelry – I love larger scale projects as well and have sketches and rough shapes ready to go for a rain chain, and some copper pipe just waiting to be made into a fantastic wind chime.


For a peek behind the scenes, follow me on Instagram (@twocarrotsstudio). You will see works in progress along with some finished pieces. I love the creative process, and it's fun to share how I take raw materials like sheet and wire and turn them into something beautiful. You get to see how metal sometimes gets really, really ugly before it gets pretty. 


I have learned so much from my fantastic local teachers, and from the large online community of 'smiths that are eager to share their skills, techniques and tutorials. I am always in awe at the generosity of the maker community and pay that generosity forward whenever I can.




I am lucky to be the mom of two feisty, creative and fun girls. Mr Two Carrots is completely outnumbered, especially since we added a black Labrador to the mix! Audrey is quite the dog, and on her way to becoming a Very Good Girl. Someday...Labs take a while to get their brains. My girls are my world, and I truly can't remember what life was like without them. Well, I do remember my house being cleaner...


I am a total word nerd and love a good pun. (And a bad one too.) I love to read into the wee hours of the morning, which happens often enough, probably due to my caffeine addiction. I love a great cup of coffee, and have no shame in admitting how much I love the bean. I have a pretty perennial garden that I totter in when I'm not in the studio. Unfortunately Miss Audrey has been undoing all of my gardening work over the winter, so this spring will be interesting! I kill houseplants with reckless abandon, but have discovered that I cannot kill succulents. These now adorn my garden window in my kitchen. I enjoy construction, and have worked with my dad to build decks, fences, gates and other projects around my house and at the cabin. Metalsmithing is just construction on a much smaller scale.




 First and foremost, myself. I prefer to wear simple, classic pieces , and keep that in mind when I am working on a new design. Keeping the shapes clean and simple, I make pieces with subtle details that will bring a smile to your face. You'll find this in the whimsy of a dancing rat on a copper cuff, a sweet little bird cutout on the back of a pendant, or a row of stick flowers dancing along the edge of a silver bracelet. No one else will have the same piece as you. This will be the jewelry you reach for every day. 


Secondly, I design pieces with my customer in mind. Is it wearable? How does the cuff feel on the wrist? Do the earrings feel like they are barely there? Where will the pendant hang when it is on? Is the chain easy to fasten? When I create a new design, you will see me wearing it so I can answer all of these questions and adjust accordingly. Of course, this means that sometimes I can't let go of a special new piece because I have fallen in love with it! 




Artists draw inspiration from everything around them. I love architecture, mid century modern furniture, anything Art Deco and Art Nouveau. As an introvert, I need space for quiet reflection. My garden is my refuge when I'm not in the studio, and our family is lucky to have a waterfront cabin property that is a home away from home. I am able to read, nap, sketch, listen to music or enjoy the gorgeous symphony of singing birds, crashing waves and rustling leaves. This quiet reflection recharges me, and keeps my creativity flowing. 




The Stick Flower series was inspired by the simple but bold drawing style of my fearless 5 year old artist. Children's art is made with such confidence and without ego - they draw what they see and it is beautiful.  There is an elegant simplicity to their drawing, and I hope that I have captured that in those pieces.


I would love to hear from you! The best way to reach me is by email.