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Spinner Ring

  • $125.00


Made to order spinner ring.

Are you a fidgeter? Keep your fingers busy with this custom made sterling silver spinner ring. A spinner ring is a fun, movable piece of jewelry sure to catch the eye when you wear it!

Choose your elements for a truly unique piece of jewelry that will get you compliments every time you wear it.

This is a fairly wide ring; most can accommodate two or even three spinners but a single spinner looks lovely on a wide band as well. Choose a flared or rolled edge on a textured or plain sterling silver band for the base ring, and add your spinner elements from there. The inner spinning rings may include a smooth or patterned finish and may be accented with handmade silver or copper beading.

A patina finish, created with a liver of sulphur treatment, can be added to any of the sterling or copper rings to add contrast and highlight texture. To show the best contrast between the spinners and the base ring, I recommend patina only on one, either the base ring or a spinner ring. Patina application creates a one-of-a-kind finish, so colour and pattern of these elements will vary from piece to piece.


The above images feature sterling silver rings with gold accents. These were custom made pieces and are examples only. Pricing for gold accent elements, gold spinner rings and other gold embellishments is available on request, in addition to the regular price of the ring.


The easiest way to size for this ring is to use a strip of paper around the widest part of the finger you wish to wear the ring on. You may want to have someone help with this! Wrap the paper around your finger, and mark where the paper meets. Measure this length IN MILLIMETRES to provide me with the most accurate size for your ring. You may include your standard ring size, but I will need the millimetre measurement to start production.

I had the opportunity to take a class on how to make these rings at Bedrock Supply in Edmonton. Taught by Andrea Haukedal Blais of Peanut Gallery Jewels on Etsy, the tutorial for the class was developed by Robyn Cornelius of Little Rock Jewellery Studio. The above sizing technique can be found on Little Rock's website: http://www.littlerockjewellerystudio.com.

I love the style, and am enjoying putting my own 'spin' on them. I can't wait to help you design your own spinner ring!

Please add 7-10 days to regular shipping times to allow for fabrication.

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