Oak Leaf Shawl Pin

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This pin is modeled after a bur oak leaf collected from my garden. Using the oak leaf as a pattern, I cut out the shape and then texture the piece before attaching the sterling silver vein. The sterling silver pin back is forged and constructed from heavy silver wire, and includes a double catch clasp. The gorgeous colors come from flame oxides that are a product of the soldering process. The colours are preserved with several coats of waxes. The sterling silver components can be kept bright with a polishing cloth, or allowed to oxidise to compliment the rich tones of the leaf.

Approximately 7" long and 3" wide, this is a substantial piece of art jewelry. Wear it with your favourite blanket scarf, shawl or cozy cowl neck sweater.

The pin back also features a loop that will allow the wearer to add a chain to create a truly fabulous oversized pendant. 

Two versions available - see the other pin here:

 This piece is one of a kind, but I would be happy to make another for you. The reddish patina is a result of oxidation while heating, so while the colours will be similar, I cannot reproduce the same finish each time. The unpredictability of the oxide patina is my favourite part of the creative process when making these leaves.