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Copper Poppies - made to order

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This set of copper poppies will add an unexpected element to your garden decor.

Made to order - sets of four, five or six


Made from salvaged copper sheet and wire, each set of poppies is made to order, and as such will vary slightly from the set shown.

The large poppy measures around 3" across, and the stems are about 8-10" long.

To create this set of poppies, I first sketch the flowers, then trace them onto vellum paper to make a template. The templates are then transferred onto thick water colour paper.

The thick paper allows me to manipulate the paper with the same metal forming tools I use on the copper, to simulate how the petals will look in metal. From there I can make adjustments to the thick paper templates before tracing the final design onto the metal.

The copper sheet is sawn into the individual flowers, and annealed with a torch before forming using a dapping block, dapping punches, metal stamps, chasing tools and my hands. The flowers are then polished in a tumbler to work-harden the copper.

To hold the stems, a small piece of copper tubing is soldered onto the base of the flower. A second smaller piece of tubing was soldered to a copper wire. The wire is slightly curved, then textured to echo the coarse stem of a poppy. The smaller tubing is then fitted into the larger tube on the base of the poppy, with copper wire wrapped around both to secure the stem in place. The tubes add stability to the flower, and allow for the flower to move on the stem.

Once the flowers are assembled, the petals were treated with a liver of sulphur patina to accent the chasing details, and to highlight the texture of the stems. The flowers are sealed to preserve the patina. As patina results are different each time a set of flowers is made, the final patina result will be slightly different than pictured.

Heat patina or liver of sulphur patina available. Please select at checkout.

Heat patina: leans towards red, gold and bronze.

Liver of Sulphur (LOS): leans towards blue, gunmetal, purple and black.

Outdoors, the flowers will mellow and age to a bronze color, and may develop a classic blue-green copper patina over time.

PLEASE NOTE: Add 10-14 days to normal shipping times for this made-to-order item.

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