Glass Bubble Necklace

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This piece is a collaboration between Two Carrots Studio and glass artist Heather Lagos of Heather Lagos Designs.

She explains the process:

The glass was initially cut by hand from a square into an octagon. The pointed edges were smoothed down using an electric grinding tool to create a circle. A small piece of silver leaf was placed in the centre of the circle with pieces of turquoise and earth tone crushed glass added overtop to create a design. 

Fired in the kiln at temperatures of up to 1375F, the silver leaf reacted with the high heat and created a flare around the textured centre design. From design stage to finished product, this cabochon was fired in a small batch and took approximately 12 hours to create, between heating and cooling segments in the kiln. 

Inspired by the circles and the bubbles formed by the glass layers, I created a puzzle of silver rings for the back of the piece. Each ring is formed, soldered and shaped before being added to the puzzle and soldered to the backplate. Under this, a single ring floats freely between the puzzle and the glass cabochon. The cabochon is secured in a simple fine silver setting on to highlight the glass bubbles, while the cream glass sets off the circle puzzle on the back.

Large pendants have a tendency to flip around, so I like to create double sided pieces that can be worn both ways. 

Finished with a sleek sterling silver box chain, this pendant is truly a one of a kind piece.

Chain: 20”

Pendant: approx 1 1/2”

I was thrilled to work with Heather to create this piece, and have several more in the works.