Fox Earrings

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2018 Earring Challenge - Week 2 of 52.

I am participating in the Instagram 2018 Earring Challenge. Each week I will be creating a new pair, posing them on Instagram and listing them in the shop. 52 pairs for the year. While I’d love to do some glamour shots of the earrings, the first ones up will be straight from the bench.

I created a series of animal earrings, using cutouts from the copper cuffs also stocked in the shop. By planning out how they would be cut out, I was able to save the cutout to make into something new and fun. I have used files, stamps and punches to texture the copper to look like hedgehog spikes. Each earring is domed to give it a more lifelike look, and then finished with a heat patina.

These fox heads measure 7/8” wide by 7/8” high.

These are one of a kind, but I plan to make additional pairs as I have off cuts from new cuff stock.

Also in this series are hedgehog, hummingbird and mammoth earrings.