Copper Foldform Earrings

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2018 Earring Challenge - Week 1 of 52.

I am participating in the Instagram 2018 Earring Challenge. Each week I will be creating a new pair, posing them on Instagram and listing them in the shop. 52 pairs for the year. While I’d love to do some glamour shots of the earrings, the first ones up will be straight from the bench.

I plan on trying out new techniques and designs throughout the challenge. This pair is my first foray into fold forming.

What is foldforming?

“Foldforming is a technique of metalworking whereby metal is folded, repeatedly forged and annealed, and unfolded; at which stage it generally has a dramatic new three-dimensional form. While alternate spellings abound (e.g., fold-forming, fold forming, Foldforming, and even form-folding, the definitive book "Foldforming" by Charles Lewton-Brain consistently uses the spelling of foldforming as one lowercase word.” (Source: Wikipedia)

To create these, I used a large hand cut copper washer that was sitting in my bin of usable scrap pieces. I cut the washer in half, and then started the annealing, hammering and unfolding process. I chose to keep the heat patina from the annealing, as it adds depth and dimension to the piece. The earrings have hammer texture that changes direction in between the folded details and are gently curved for movement. They have been hand rubbed and finished with wax to preserve the rich bronze patina.

These measure approximately 1 1/2” long and just under 1/2” wide. They have handmade sterling silver ear wires.

These are one of a kind, but I would be happy to make a similar pair for you. Send me a message and we will work together to create your perfect pair.