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Dandelion Charm Necklace

  • $40.00

Only 2 left!

This sweet dandelion charm necklace floats on a simple cable chain. Hand cut and stamped, the charm has a slight curve to it. A light patina finish highlights the dandelion stamp.

Dandelions are a motif I keep coming back to. The cheerful yellow blooms are first food for bees in the spring, and who didn't love making a wish and blowing dandelion seeds into the air as a child? As a gardener, I do not like them in my flowerbeds or lawn. As an artist, they symbolize spring and hope, and are both fragile and resilient.

This is a great every day piece, and perfect for the gardener in your life!

I have one in stock, but can make more if the listing sells out. (Note: the stamp is only available in this size.)

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