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Coffee Scoop

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Tired of fishing that tiny plastic scoop out of the coffee canister? You need this handcrafted, long handled copper coffee scoop! The scoop holds approximately 1TB, and features a 6” handle that will never get lost in the beans!

Inspired by my own garden, and the sweet simple drawing style of my youngest daughter, the handle is stamped with a whimsical stick flower garden.

Formed from copper sheet, the bowl and the scoop handle are worked separately before being soldered together. The bowl starts as a disc, is heated and shaped in a dapping block repeatedly until the desired bowl depth is reached. Careful fitting of the handle and bowl before soldering results in a strong and beautiful piece of copperware.

Hand finished and buffed to a gorgeous glow, this scoop will be a delight every time you reach for it as part of your morning coffee ritual.

The copper is left unsealed and will develop a darker patina as time goes on. To bring the copper back to a bright finish, a dip in ketchup, lemon juice or soy sauce will do the trick - all have mild acid in them. Please don’t put the scoop in the dishwasher! This can damage the copper - a quick hand wash with dish liquid will do.

This scoop is one of a kind, as the pattern is worked in one session and not repeated exactly. I am happy to make a similar scoop, with the caveat that it will be different but just as amazing as this one.

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