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Coffee Scoop

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Looking for a gift for your favourite barista or coffee aficionado? Not a coffee drinker? No problem - use this as a measure for loose tea!

This copper coffee scoop is hand forged from a sheet of copper. The bowl started as a disc of metal, and was transformed from a flat sheet into a cup through the use of heat, hammers and punches. The hand cut handle features a stamped pattern. The two pieces are carefully fitted together and soldered before final finishing and polishing. The copper scoop is unsealed, but I can seal with a food grade sealer before shipping if you prefer.

The stamped pattern on the handle is my favourite part of making these. I use handcrafted one of a kind stamps to draw on the metal. I am drawn to clean geometric shapes, using them to create patterns or whimsical stick flowers.

The scoop holds approximately 15ml or 1 TB. The scoop bowl measures about 1 1/2" across, and the overall length of the spoon is about 6".

The scoops pictured are samples - as each spoon is made to order, the patterns will vary slightly from spoon to spoon. No two are exactly alike!

This listing is for ONE scoop.

CARE: Do not place in dishwasher as the detergent may cause discolouration. Hand hand wash in warm soapy water and dry with a cloth. Over time the copper will develop a warm, dark patina.

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