(previously published January 16, 2016)

In a former life, I spent many many years working in retail. My first job was selling shoes, which led to many other retail jobs that where I sold things like muffins, cigars, greeting cards, picture frames, bagels, light fixtures and flooring. This makes it sound like I worked at Costco, but that was just the bagels.

All the years in retail helped me learn about the importance of packaging and presentation, display, pricing and service. I also learned about profit margins, cost and wholesale pricing and all sorts of other fun business financials and other invisible aspects of retailing. Someone else was always responsible for all of that behind the scenes work, and I was grateful it wasn’t me! 

Tables turned! Now I am responsible for All the Things.(with apologies to Hyperbole and a Half)

Lately, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time working on all the invisible things. Etsy profiles, shipping and packaging research, networking with local Etsy groups and members, searching out and applying for local sale opportunities, taking stock of tools I need/want (who am I kidding, I NEED all of them…) Facebook posts and stats and website posts and stats…it’s a long list. I understand why people hire this out, but I need to have my hands in it all so I know what’s up.

This week has been the Get It Done week. In between Real Life things like dental appointments and school volunteering, I tackled a big project this week. I had a small workstation set up to do non-torch work, but it was WAY too small. I spent the week sorting, boxing, tossing, donating and recycling to make myself a decent studio space. I  relocated my workbench,  and now have a dedicated hammering station and most importantly a torch station. I still need to tweak the lighting situation, but for now it’s pretty good.

Mr Two Carrots, a plumber, used my jeweler’s torch to solder some pipes and now the handpiece is all out of whack. I had it adjusted to the right angle for my non-dominant left hand (you hold the torch with your non-dominant hand to free up your dominant hand for pick soldering) Mr Two Carrots straightened it out and it’s not quite right yet. You know when someone adusts the read-view mirror in your car and it takes forever to get just so? Like that.