How did this all start?

Two Carrots Studio came as part of a progression from making little pieces for myself, friends and family to selling a piece here and there. As I took more classes and gained confidence in my skills, I recieved a lot of encouragement to take it a step further. I jumped in with a hammer in one hand and my torch in the other. 

So, why Two Carrots? My nickname as a child was Carrot, partly because it was a play on my name Carrie, and partly because I ate so many carrots as a toddler that my mom said I was orange. I'm sure there's a bit of hyperbole there, but it's part of the family legend so I'll let it slide. But two carrots? I am a word nerd, and have always loved a good pun! Carrots, carats, karats. Carat refers to the weight of a gemstone or pearl. Karat refers to the measure of purity for gold. It seemed a fitting name for my wee studio. 

Wee studio? Yes, it's small. As much as I dream of a lovely and spacious  freestanding studio space with windows overlooking my garden, the reality (for now) is that I have a 12x10 space carved out of my basement laundry room, and my view is through a small window that sits at eyelevel with my back patio.  2018 will bring some renovations to my space, including soundproofing, better insulation, a sink and special ventilation. 

Thanks for stopping by Two Carrots Studio. I can't wait to share more with you!