A questions I often get is “Can you make me something exactly like this?”

This is where they show me a random iphone photo or Pinterest pin.

The answer is usually no, but I will use the photos they show me as a starting point to determine what I can make for them. Other factors include how the piece they like was made; if it’s done with a technique I have not learned or mastered or don’t have the tools for then I simply can’t. I’m not yet skilled at casting in wax. I don’t have letter stamps. I’m just learning to set faceted stones. My pieces involve little beading or wire wrapping because that’s not my own personal style. I prefer handmade components; with the exception of fine chain and intricate mechanical clasps, I like to make most of the piece.

I really enjoy creating pieces with a person in mind. It helps with the evolution of a piece, and gives me an end goal in mind. I like to learn more about the person and their lifestyle, how they want to wear the piece. Is this something for everyday use? I can make a simple durable piece that will work for that. For example, I made myself a simple band ring to wear every day instead of my lovely white gold and sapphire wedding set. I can wear the band in the studio or garden without worrying about losing stones or catching the high setting that the set has. Is the piece something special, a statement piece? Then I can work to create something that will catch everyone’s attention.

If you are interested in a custom piece, or would like a variation on a piece you’ve seen on my site, let me know! I do love a challenge, and really enjoy creating one of a kind pieces for people.

Drop me a line at two.carrots.studio@gmail.com and we can chat!