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Beeline Cuff

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"Beeline" honeybee cuff.

This whimsical bracelet features a line of bees dancing along the cuff. The cuff has been forged into a domed convex shape, also known as a synclastic shape. I used 19 gauge copper for this cuff, as it allows for more intricate patterns to be cut out while maintaining the structure of the piece during forming.

Made to fit the average wearer, the cuff is approximately 6" around, and 1 1/2" wide. Substantial, but not heavy.

Is this cuff laser cut? Not at all. The bee pattern has been hand cut. This is done by drilling a small hole in each section to be cut out, then sawing the parts out with a hair thin blade. The pattern is further accented by small drilled piercings between each bee. Once cut out, the bracelet is stamped with my makers stamp, and then formed into the domed cuff.

The cuff has been hand finished, using a series of sanding discs, sand paper and polishing papers before being tumbled for several hours to bring it up to the lovely burnished glow you see here. After this, it is sealed with several coats of museum grade Renaissance Wax.

If you wish to have a larger or smaller version made, please contact me and we can work together to create the perfect cuff!

As this is a made to order item, your cuff will be slightly different, but just as beautiful!

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