My name is Carrie and I’m a mom to two wonderful girls, wife to a dedicated husband, a gardener and an aspiring metalsmith.

I am an aspiring metalsmith, avid gardener and creative soul. I say metalsmithing rather than silversmithing, because they are quite different! True silversmithing is all about making vessels and utensil pieces, not jewelry.

What I do is closer to goldsmithing, but because I work in silver, copper and a little bit of gold, metalsmithing is a more appropriate title! I don’t just make jewelry – I love larger scale projects as well and have sketches and rough shapes ready to go for a rain chain, and some copper pipe just waiting to be made into a fantastic wind chime.
For a peek behind the scenes, follow me on Instagram (@twocarrotsstudio). You will see works in progress along with some finished pieces. I love the creative process, and it's fun to share how I take raw materials like sheet and wire and turn them into something beautiful. You get to see how metal sometimes gets really, really ugly before it gets pretty. 

I have some fantastic teachers locally, and a large community of 'smiths that are eager to share their skills, techniques and tutorials. I am always in awe at the generosity of the maker community. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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