Look at that blue! As a rule, this is my least favourite bird. They are noisy and mean to the sweet little songbirds that flit in and out of the trees in my yard.

I can appreciate their gorgeous colours though! My girls love finding magpie feathers, for their iridescent blue-black shading.

Magpies and crows are rumoured to be attracted to shiny things, but this theory has recently been disproven. Shiny things actually repel magpies, which is why you sometimes see gardeners tying foil pie plates to tree branches to repel the loud, sassy creatures. I find a hose to be much more effective…



I have discovered two types of shiny things that attract my eye. First is a shiny new tool. The second is hand cut, hand finished gemstones. I do love all shades of blue. My birthstone is a sapphire, so I come by the love of blue stones quite naturally. Lapis, larimar, aquamarine, topaz, sodalite, labradorite, sapphire…all blue and all lovely to look at! I stumbled across a supplier that sells pretty nice stones at a decent price, so splurged and ordered some. And then again. And once more. (I’m done now.)

I’ll be playing with these stones over the summer, and have a few ideas on the go. I plan on listing them in the Etsy shop as they are completed. Watch my progress on Instagram as well – those shots are straight from the workbench.