I am a word nerd at heart. I do crossword puzzles in pen. I usually have about four books on the go; more now that I can download library books onto my iPad.

My growing collection of metal smithing books makes me happy, as do the full bookshelves around our home.  My dad is a teacher, and had me reading before kindergarten and I don’t think I’ve had my nose out of a book since! Dad and I share the same silly sense of humor, and both of us enjoy a great (bad?) pun. Watching my oldest sit with her nose in a book reminds me of my own childhood. My youngest is just learning her letters and how to spell names and recently learned to write her own name.

So, two carrots? A wee play on words, for the two very different jewelry terms carat and karat. One refers to the weight of gemstones and the other to the purity of gold. Gemstone weight is calculated by milligrams, where one carat equals 200 milligrams. Gold purity is based on parts; 24 karat gold is 24/24 parts and thus considered 100% pure, where 18 karat gold is considered 18/24 parts or 75% pure.

Only gold is measured in karats. Other metal alloys are measured in percentages; the 925 you see when you buy sterling silver refers to 92.5% pure silver, alloyed with 7.5% copper.

Back to the carrots. When I was a wee one my favourite vegetable was, you guessed it – carrots.  I don’t know if this is just family folklore or not, but apparently I ate so many that I turned orange. The carrot love also gained me the nickname Carrot. (Only my dad is allowed to call me that, and last did so on my wedding day.) When I was talking to family about my hopes to launch this site and business, my aunt mentioned something about carrots, and it stuck with me.

Two Carrots Studio was the natural choice for this little venture, and I love it.